Paediatric care

Dr Gregor has expertise in seeing babies with problems with settling, feeding, reflux and growth. She also has an interest in seeing younger children with chronic and complex disease.

Care of the newborn

Your obstetrician may ask Dr Gregor to review your baby for any concerns either prior to, during or after delivery. Dr Gregor is available to attend your delivery including if emergency or elective Cesarean section. She will be there in the event that you baby needs help to transition to the environment outside the womb. If Dr Gregor is asked to review your baby after delivery this may because there are issues that need to be addressed such as risk of infection, low vitamin D levels in pregnancy, prematurity, gestational diabetes, thyroid problems.

Antenatal counselLing

Dr Gregor has expertise in counseling of soon to be parents where there are concerns regarding the antenatal scans you have had either because of abnormalities detected on antenatal scans or where there is a problem with the genes (the building blocks that make us the look the way we do). Examples of situations where Dr Gregor may need to speak with you is antenatal hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidneys), heart defect, enlarged head, or short limbs.


Dr Gregor's fees are based on Australian Medical Association recommendations and are for attendances for your baby. They reflect the requirement to provide 24-hour cover in case your baby becomes unwell. There will be a gap between the Medicare rebate and fee charged (usually less than $250). This may be higher if Dr Gregor has attended the birth of your baby during an elective or an emergency Cesarean or a vaginal birth in or after hours.


Once your account is settled, please ensure you take your receipt to Medicare to claim back your rebate. If your baby is admitted to the special care nursery (or received phototherapy) your health fund will be directly billed and a gap is not charged, with the exception of the first consultation in some circumstances. If you have further queries regarding your account please contact [email protected].